makhana crispy

makhana crispy

This recipe that I have shared is the best and the most easiest recipe for kids as a snacks or for unexpected guests .I always give my kids as a snacks and even in their lunch boxes. My family likes to have it with tea in the evening .Very filling and healthy and yummy too .  so give it a try.....


  • makhana(fox nuts) 1cup
  • ghee or butter 1 tablespoon
  • salt and pepper 2 teaspoon
  • red chilli powder 1tsp(optional)
  • garlic powder1tsp ( optional)
  • chaat masala1tsp(optional)


Heat a kadhai . Add the makhana's into it .keep the flame low .keep on tossing the makhana's with a spatula. After 5 -6 mts add ghee or butter and mix well .check if it has turned crisp.Add Salt and pepper .mix and serve with tea .If you want to add some zing then add red chilli powder and garlic powder to it mix well and serve .


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